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Our Mission

Outdoor recreation enhances the community by providing physical, mental, social, and economic benefits to the lives of its members.

The Naperville Outdoor Alliance is a non-for profit whose aim is to make outdoor recreation more abundant and accessible to the community by working together with public organizations, private entities, other nonprofits, and community members.

Your Support Helps:

Students From Low Income Families
Homeless Students
Better Performance in School
Increased Emotional Health
Helping the Fight Against Obesity
Learning Important Life Lessons
Finding Something to be Passionate About
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Hobson Oak Beer

Noon Whistle Brewing releases Hobson Oak White Peach Wood IPA

Hobson Oak White Peach Wood IPA is available on draft and to-go 16oz 4-packs.

The beer has been conditioned with Hobson Oak wood staves rescued from the legacy burr oak that stood along Hobson Road near Greene Road. The IPA boasts nuanced oak flavors, fermented with succulent white peaches, and balanced hop additions that elevate the beer’s complexity without overpowering its delicate flavors.

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Noon Whistle Brewing releases Hobson Oak White Peach Wood IPA

Noon Whistle Brewing releases Hobson Oak White Peach Wood IPA

Naperville Outdoor Alliance toasts the latest Hobson Oak beer created by Noon Whistle Brewing, 1748 W. Jefferson Avenue in Naperville. The partnership will provide individuals and families with opportunities to improve physical and mental...

Christmas Meals Program Support

Christmas Meals Program Support

The Nagle Family Fund has made a generous donation supporting the Christmas Meals Program, made possible by a partnership between Naperville Outdoor Alliance and DuPage Foundation. Naperville Park District and YMCA provides a special Christmas...

In cooperation with Morton Arboretum

In cooperation with Morton Arboretum

OAKtober is here! Seven-year-olds are reproducing! The 2023 mast year is joined by thriving bur oaks, descendants of the legacy Hobson Oak, now dropping acorns of their own. The Morton Arboretum, in cooperation with Naperville Outdoor Alliance...

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